" We often stay with what we know, even though it may not be good for us.  

            And avoid what we don't know, even though it may benefit us."

What is Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis?  


As Certified Behavioral Hypnotherapists, we use hypnosis as a powerful tool that can help you change areas in your life that are holding you back from being successful. Such as: having limiting beliefs, fears, stress, anxieties, panic attacks or any other difficulties you may be experiencing.


Hypnosis is the fastest and safest way of getting rid of behaviors that control you, such as smoking, weight issues, anxiety, all fears and/or phobias, panic attacks, chronic discomfort/pain, stress management, stage fright, public speaking, lack of self-confidence/self-esteem, preparing for auditions, preparing for job interviews, even taking exams (this will help you concentrate and ready for that important exam) among many other areas that limit you from being the best you can be and moving forward with your life, and at any age.


A simple explanation of hypnosis, with a Certified Hypnotherapist


Hypnosis is an induction into extreme relaxation of the mind and body that creates a hyper-awareness in your subconscious mind while turning off the conscious mind. It is a "relaxed, focused state of concentration". This acute awareness allows the Hypnotherapist to introduce positive suggestions that will create the changes of your needs and/or desires.


Hypnosis has been misconstrued through old myths, stories and movies. You are not under the control of the hypnotist's will. This is not mind control. You are in complete control at all times.  Note please: This is not stage/entertainment hypnosis, by a hypnotist for fun.  You won’t be barking like a dog or quacking like a duck, that you see on tv or cruise lines… although you will probably feel like smiling, laughing and very vibrant, with a new sense of relaxation, when you come out of hypnosis. This is Behavioral Therapy to change your life to the best it can be and the best that you can feel!    


You are very aware while in hypnosis, just in a relaxed state that let’s you unwind without stress or worries, so you can make decisions to better your life.   Most people say, “I wish I would have known about this and done this years ago!”   It will be the most mind-clearing, restful experience you may ever have.  You will be more alert and vibrant after the first session. 


All sessions are tailored to your needs and what you want to change or what goals we are aimed to achieving.


There are also times when a client comes in for a consultation and they are not ready to commit to change. You must be willing and want to change.  Don’t come in because someone else wants you to change.  This has to be for you and you only.  You have to make a commitment for change and take it very seriously.


The most important thing you need to remember. is regardless of the Hypnotherapist you choose, a Certified Professional Hypnotherapist cannot "make" you do anything!  Remember, hypnosis is a collaborative effort between you and me (the client and the hypnotherapist).   We work together on issues that you have decided to change and I assist and guide you in making these changes.


You will decide what your needs are or what you wish to accomplish with hypnotherapy and we will work together to tailor sessions, just for you. (Smoking and Weight Loss may take more sessions to accomplish, because we do follow up sessions to evaluate and make sure we are on track.. AND with great success!) 


Many clients come back after we solve their first problem.   They ask for help with additional issues or to motivate them to be successful in other areas of their life, once they realize how powerful the tool 'hypnosis' can be for them.   You learn to be more focused and determined to achieve any goal or achievement that you want in your life.   And you 'will' succeed! 


All your time in the sessions are spent one-on-one with your Hypnotherapist.  You deserve and pay for personal attention. Hypnosis is only successful when the client and the Hypnotherapist develop a partnership, a working relationship of trust and understanding.  



You may come in for a Consultation, if you are in the Brentwood, TN area.  If not, you may also book an Online Consultation,   if you have questions or concerns, or would like to know more about Hypnotherapy and/or  Personal Development   (Appointments Only)

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Darlene McDowell

Marsha Zimmerman 




       Marsha Zimmerman Credentials:                                        Darlene McDowell Credentials:                     WKU BA Communications (Public & Interpersonal)                Hypnosis Motivational Institute College of Hypnotherapy       Study of Communications Theory and Humanities for Education   Fowler Wainwright International Masters Life Coaching         Expert Rating Specializing Life Coaching/Counseling           HMI Certification Handwriting Analysis and Profiler

 20+ years teacher/coach/mentor/consultant (Teens/Adults)      AHA Certification Hypnosis Specialist for PTSD     

 HMI  Motivational Personal Development Hypnotherapy           AHA Certification Hypnosis and Weight Loss Specialist                                                                       AHA Certification for Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation           Marsha Zimmerman's education, degrees, background and         AHA Certification for Neuro Linguistic Programming

 continuing education is able to extend her expertise in       AHA Certification Specialist for Sports/Athletic Performance

 the realm of Career (individual or corporate) Coaching,       AHA Certification Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator

 as well as Hypnotherapy, Relationship Coaching and            AHA Certification Hypnosis Specializing in Trauma Recovery

 Behavioral modification.                                      AHA Certification Hypnosis for Pain Management

                                                               IVS Training Academy Acupressure for Pain Relief

                                                               IVS Training Academy Gua Sha  (TCM)  

                                                               Chakra Energy Healing Certification 

                                                               American Hypnosis Association                                                                                               National Association of Hypnotherapists

                                                               Member ICF  International Coach Federation

                                                               Member TN ICF  TN Chapter Coaches Alliance

                                                               National Hypnosis Association

                                                               TN Hypnosis Association

                                                                                                                                                                                           Hypnotherapist's Union Local 472,OPEIU, AFL-CIO, CLC



                                                              Darlene McDowell has worked with Actors, Entertainers, Music                                                                Artists and Athletes. She was an agent and Life Coach 20+ yrs                                                                as a franchised agent w/ the Screen Actors Guild & the                                                                      American Federation of Television & Radio Artists.


Copyright 2009 *Darlene McDowell C.Ht, CPLC 


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